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50 Hot MBA Project Topics in IT Management | Best Ideas & Sample Titles

Benefits of MBA for IT Students

Today, information technology has become one of the most flourishing careers for the youngsters. The reason behind this is not just lots of job opportunities for IT professionals all over the globe, but extreme interest of young generation in computer and information technology as well. At present, IT professionals have taken one step ahead with inclusion of management sciences in information technology. This combination of IT and management sciences in the form of MBA IT Management program has got huge appreciation not only among the students, but at professional forums as well. Like other MBA programs, accomplishment of MBA capstone project is the prerequisite for completion of MBA IT management program.

Well, the most crucial thing in starting the culminating project is searching some unique MBA project topics in IT management. Anyway, those students who complete their MBA IT management successfully got the opportunity to enjoy following benefits of MBA for IT students:

  • Lots of job opportunities for MBA IT Management professionals because companies prefer to hire such person who can equally perform IT and management responsibilities in best manner.
  • Multidimensional IT management skills
  • Rapid placement of job due to less saturation of IT professionals having management skills
  • Bright future in IT industry as managers and executives

Requirements for Writing a Good IT MBA Capstone Project

If you are going to start capstone project business it management and worried about requirements for writing a good IT MBA capstone project, just look at the following lines and come out from confusions:

  • mba project topics in it managementMaking an outline. To write a good capstone paper, the first requirement is making an outline of all headings, subheadings and writing material that you want to include in your graduation paper.
  • Collection of reference material. The next requirement to write a capstone paper is collecting the authentic references from those sources which are considered authentic at all forums. You can take these references from previously approved capstone papers or some authentic research articles of relevant subject.
  • Recommended structure and format. Every institute has some variation in structure and format of capstone paper from each other. It is necessary for the students for any particular institute to follow the recommendations of institute about guidelines of writing the capstone paper.
  • Reference style. Some institutes follow APA reference style for writing the citations of included research work, while some follow the MLA or Chicago manual of style. It is necessary to check the instructions of institute about reference style of writing the citations.
  • Editing and proofreading. Another mandatory requirement for writing a good MBA IT project is editing and proofreading the content before finalizing it.

best mba project topics in it management

Secrets of Choosing the Right MBA Project Topics for IT Management

Following are the secrets of choosing the right MBA project topics for IT management:

  • First of all, search the real-life problems that are facing by IT MBA professionals in synchronizing the information systems of organization with management science and then try to develop some unique IT MBA project topics.
  • Check the feasibility and practical implementation of all project topics and select that one, which has maximum scope of practicability.
  • Before finalizing the topic, check twice that no previous student has performed the research work under the same or very similar project topic.
  • There is another key requirement of choosing the capstone project topic that is the availability of reference material about particular research area. If you have not found the reference literature from credible sources, there is no need to select that specific topic.
  • The best thing that can justify the need of research project under the chosen topic is its expected future benefits to IT industry.

How to Craft a Powerful IT MBA Project

Either you have some good topics for your projects for MBA finance in hand or have some unique IT project topics for MBA students, you must have to follow some guidelines to craft a powerful IT MBA project. Let’s have a look on these guidelines:

  • Title page. Make the title page of MBA IT project at first by writing the topic of capstone project as well as your own introduction along with names of supervisory committee.
  • Abstract. Write the abstract of project in the form of brief description about need of project.
  • Introduction. Introduction of capstone project should include the background of project, definition of problem about which you are going to write your project and proposed solution of project.
  • Materials and Method. In this part of capstone project, you should mention the materials that you have to use in your research project as well as the methodology of performing the research work according to standard procedures.
  • Review of Literature. To write this chapter, you have to find the accurate references from credible sources. However, all these references must be relevant to the area of research.
  • Findings. In this chapter, you should analyze the findings of your capstone project with the help of statistical tools and graphical interpretation. All the findings should also be supported with relevant citations.
  • Conclusion. Here you should conclude the capstone project with solid justification that must also be supported with an authentic reference.
  • Reference page. The reference page should be included at the end of capstone paper that must include all the citations which are the part of capstone paper.

help with capstone project business it management

5 Samples of Capstone Projects on MBA IT Management

It’s an interesting combination of theory and application. You can also think about the projects like this, which can enhance your theoretical knowledge and practical skills, both at the same time.

Bridgestone is the largest producer of tire and rubber.  The project is about the analysis and distribution of the company. You can use any other bi producer for such case study.

It is an interesting project involving socio economic issues with the technology. You can use this as an idea to device your own project.

Urban population is a cause of concern for many. This seems to be a social project but actually collection and analysis of data is not possible without the help of IT team. This shows that you can think of such topics, which are related to the other subjects but offers practical applications of your knowledge in that particular field.

This is also a social project, but when it comes to build the management capacity, it is not possible to leave the IT behind. You can design a such project if you want to eliminate the social problems of the people around you.

good mba project topics for it

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