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Capstone Project Topics for MBA Marketing

Overview of the Marketing Capstones

The MBA students with marketing major are also required to submit a final capstone project for getting the degree. The MBA marketing project is mostly based on the text-based case studies. These problems-based situations are assigned to the students for getting info about their level of thinking in a marketing perspective.

Every real-life problem is shared with the students related to the business world for collecting different perspectives and seeing the ways of solving the issue. This project actually shows the skills you’ve gained while studying the entire program. This subject is a vast field based on a variety of capstone project topics for MBA marketing with the purpose of selling the product/service and keeping the buyers satisfied. If you’re familiar with almost all terms, principles, methods and ways of marketing, you may end up in developing the capstone projects efficiently. Read, read and read to get success in your marketing capstone project.

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Every marketing professional or marketer would always recommend you to choose the topic that can be simpler to generate for you. Working on a capstone project isn’t easier. Therefore, it is advised to study about it in advance and find all appropriate MBA capstone project ideas. Choose your field i.e. branding or sales and then select a topic related to the respective field.

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Marketing MBA Capstone Project Ideas

50 Marketing Topics for MBA

  1. Four Dimension approach to Attitude Management
  2. The impact of Personal Involvement on Store Brand Selection
  3. Impact of brand extension on brand personality
  4. Impact of congruity between self-concept and brand image on brand preference in the automobile industry.
  5. Factors influencing customer satisfaction in health care services
  6. Understanding consumer response towards sales promotion in the fast food industry.
  7. Consumer purchase behavior in out of stock situations at retail outlets.
  8. Factors behind brand switching the telecom industry
  9. Consumer decision making model in the automobile industry of (your country)
  10. Find the impact of opinion leadership on consumer buying decision with respect to low and high involvement product categories
  11. Shelf spacing competition: A comparative analysis of local and international brand
  12. Relationship between mobile phone advertising and corporate image
  13. Effect of trial ability and innovativeness in new product adoption
  14. Relationship between company sales, customer knowledge and marketing research
  15. Relationship between packaging characteristics and consumer brand preference
  16. Impact of performance commitment on customer’s evasion of product’s quality.
  17. Effects of advertising research practices
  18. Usage of e-banking transaction and consumer awareness through mobile phones
  19. Factors affecting scientist response to patent registration
  20. Effect of deception advertising on consumer loyalty in business sector
  21. Market acceptability of licensed software: Comparative study of buyers and sellers
  22. Effects of organizational characteristics, market and product
  23. Impact of counterfeit brands on consumers
  24. Attitude of people towards direct marketing as buyers
  25. Effect of consumer response on purchase intention or brand image
  26. Relationship between awareness to internal advertising and internal usage practices
  27. Consumer response to unethical retailer behavior
  28. Effects of consumer traits and product on free sample usage
  29. Effects of technology change on information seeking habits of individuals
  30. Factors affecting level of impulse buying
  31. Effect of recession advertising
  32. How promotional activities affects through recession?
  33. Effect of brand image on consumer’s taste and preference
  34. Effects of gender on family buying decision
  35. Impact of negative and positive word of mouth in restaurant industry
  36. Effects of recession on consumer buying behavior
  37. Effects of gender on family buying decision
  38. How Employee smiling Affects the consumer satisfaction?
  39. Impact of occupational status on cooking behavior and women food buying
  40. Quality gaps in banking sector
  41. Customer delight in sales and banking
  42. Relationship between customer satisfaction and website attributes
  43. The lower and higher involvement products
  44. Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores in (country name)
  45. Self-placement of habitual buying products on sales
  46. What are the traits of consumer loyalty?
  47. Impact of brand awareness on consumer loyalty
  48. Market entry strategy in emerging markets
  49. Application of advertising through cell phone framework
  50. Effect of pharmaceutical dispensing pattern on consumer store patronage

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